Gretchen real housewife dating slade

Guess Bravo switched their Jesus Housewives up and replaced Plastilexis Blingin' the word Barbie with Jesus Skipper and her merry brand of Life Group pot smokin' grannies. But back to Gretchen and Slave I predict these two will end up on Couples Therapy someday soon!

BTW: Gretchen and Alexis still haven't confirmed that they're leaving the show.

However, she never received the money because shortly thereafter, Photoglou filed for bankruptcy.

What has since followed is Gretchen again taking him to court in an attempt to collect the money she was awarded.

On a side note, Gretchen’s attorney who represented her during her civil lawsuits against Photoglou, recently fired Gretchen as a client.

The lawyer claimed that Gretchen was an extremely difficult client to handle, and that she would often ignore his legal instructions and failed to pay the legal fees she owed him.

The network is actively casting for new Housewives.

Heather Dubrow and Lydia Mc Laughlin are also on track to return.

Reportages captivants, témoignages saisissants, avec Paris Match, partagez chaque semaine les émotions qui font la vie.When Gretchen joined the show, she was seen as a gold digger because her terminally ill fiancée was many years her senior.After her fiancée’s death, she started dating Slade, who had appeared on the “RHOC” seasons 1 and 2 with his former fiancée, Jo, and the couple often battled the other cast members who took issue with Slade’s unemployment and the fact that he had stopped paying child support for his son who was battling a brain tumor.Otherwise known as ' Kate Gosselin Syndrome'. According to Rumor Fix, Gretchen and Slade are approaching other networks with an idea for a wedding spinoff! Alexis Bellino was also let go from the network because she “played it safe in Season Eight”.Gretchen was hoping to sell Bravo on a Gretchen and Slade getting married and/or having a baby storyline for the ninth season, but the network passed. The remaining cast members, which include Gretchen Foes Vicki Gunvalson and Tamra Barney, are "pleased" with the decision.

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